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The Ghana-Guyana Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that promotes trade, investment, and economic cooperation between Ghana and Guyana

Known for its trade excellence,
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frequently asked questions about GGCC

Psychology FAQs: Short answers to common questions

** FAQ adapted from the Operational manual of the GGCC

 A: The Ghana-Guyana Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that facilitates trade, investment, and economic cooperation between Ghana and Guyana, as well as promoting economic integration and development in the African and Caribbean regions.

 A: Any business, entrepreneur, or individual interested in promoting trade and investment between Ghana and Guyana is welcome to join the Chamber.

 A: Members have access to a variety of networking events, business development resources, and trade missions, as well as regular updates and news on important matters affecting trade, commerce, and industry. Members also have the opportunity to connect with other businesses and individuals, and to advocate for policies that support trade and investment.

 A: You can become a member by completing the membership application form on the Chamber’s website or by contacting the Chamber directly.

A: The Chamber advocates for members by engaging in constructive dialogue with policymakers and stakeholders, and by communicating member views and concerns to governments and other organizations.

Meet Our Experts Team that makes commerce possible

The Chamber has a team of experts with extensive experience in business development, trade, investment, and economic cooperation between Ghana and Guyana. Our experts are committed to providing members with the highest level of service and support, helping them to achieve their business goals and objectives.

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Located at 301 Church and New Garden Street, Georgetown, Guyana, our doors are open for business, with a vision to, ultimately, connect businesses in the 1B countries of the CARICOM with the 55 countries of the African Union to economic opportunities. Our location in Georgetown is strategic as the city hosts the secretariat of CARICOM, just as Accra hosts the secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Areas.

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