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Invitation to Ghana Guyana Chamber of Commerce

ALA Strategic Consult Ltd is proud to announce the establishment of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce in Guyana, which is aimed at strengthening private sector relations between the two countries. This new initiative is in line with ALA’s efforts to promote and facilitate trade, investments and strategic development cooperation between Africa and the Caribbean, with Accra and Georgetown serving as hubs, hosting the Secretariats of the 54-member Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM), respectively.

The Ghana Chamber of Commerce in Guyana has been set up in collaboration with the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Governments of Ghana and Guyana. This initiative is expected to greatly enhance collaboration between the two countries in the areas of human resource development, commerce, investments, and economic development in general.

To commission the establishment of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce in Guyana, ALA is organizing an event on Tuesday, 22 May, 2023, in Georgetown, which coincides with the visit of a high-powered investment promotion mission from Ghana to Guyana. The delegation will be led by Hon. K T Hammond, MP, Ghana’s Minister of Trade & Industry, Hon. Bryan Acheampong, MP, the Minister for Agriculture, and Mr Yofi Grant, CEO, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, and other senior government officials, alongside business executives.

ALA believes that the presence of representatives from the Guyana Office for Investment (GOINVEST) at the event will add immense value to the initiative, and as such, invites GOINVEST and other stakeholders to the launch of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce (Guyana).

To further strengthen the partnership, ALA is also proposing the execution of a collaboration agreement or MOU in GOINVEST’s standard format, which will spell out the areas of potential collaboration between the Ghana Chamber of Commerce (Guyana) and GOINVEST.

The launch of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce (Guyana) will take place at ALA’s office on the 3rd Floor, 301 Church and New Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana (below the Amici Restaurant). The exact time for the launch will be communicated in due course, as ALA is still coordinating its activities in Guyana over the coming week.

Overall, the establishment of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce in Guyana is a significant development that promises to create immense opportunities for trade, investment and economic cooperation between Ghana and Guyana. ALA Strategic Consult Ltd is committed to facilitating this process and looks forward to the participation and support of all stakeholders in this exciting new venture.

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  1. Good day, I would like the membership form and any other information on becoming a member of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce Guyana.

    1. Dear Zuleika,

      Kindly download the form from the website, complete it and email it back to us.

      Do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details provided on the site.

      Kind Regards

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